Israeli settlers attack 3 Palestinians violently

A number of Palestinian workers were injured, today, Sunday, after being attacked by knives and gas by Jewish settlers in the western part of the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Three young men were wounded in the attack on Jerusalem: Majed Saeed Al-Fasfous (39 years), Amir Al-Debs, two prisoners released from the occupation prisons, and the young Ezz Muhammad Ali, and all three of them from the “Shuafat” refugee camp north of Jerusalem.

According to Jerusalem sources, phosphorous was moderately injured after being stabbed with the knife in the head and back and sprayed with pepper gas. The other two young men were also suffocated by pepper gas, as they were transferred to Hadassah Hospital in al-Issawiya, and there they were subjected to ill-treatment by the doctor on duty at the hospital emergency department , Who attempted to justify the assault as a reaction to the behavior of the aforementioned workers.

The “Wadi Hilweh Information Center”, which specializes in monitoring Israeli violations in occupied Jerusalem, quoted the young man, Phosphus, saying: “While I was in my workplace, three settlers went to me and asked me to come with them, so I asked them who you are and what you want trying to know if they are from the Israeli intelligence.”

He added, after asking them, “As they sprayed pepper gas towards me indiscriminately, I fell to the ground, and my colleagues tried to help me, but they couldn’t get them with gas as well.”

Vesfoss added to the center that the settlers attacked him with knives and blades, and managed to hit him with his head as he was stabbed in the back, which led to the tearing of his coat. They also tried to stab him in the neck.

Fasfous explained that his colleagues who were present at the scene called the police and ambulance, and he was taken to the hospital, and his head was sown.

Phosphus denounced the ill-treatment he had given during his hospitalization, where the therapist asked him, “What have you done to them to stab you in your head?”

The two Palestinian citizens, Amir al-Dibs and Izz Muhammad Ali, were suffocated by being sprayed with gas by the settlers.

(Source: PalPress)


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