217 martyrs in the return marches, and 19,237 injured by Israeli snipers.

 Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights stated that the number of victims of Israeli violations against the return marchers reached 217 martyrs, among them (48) children, two women, (9) with disabilities, and (4) paramedics, Two journalists and (19237) injured, among them (4974) children, and (867) women. The number of times targeting press crews has reached 249 times, resulting in the injury of (173) journalists, 43 of whom have been repeatedly injured.

Today, Saturday, on the occasion of the second anniversary of the return marches, Al-Mizan Center issued a report on the violations of the Israeli occupation forces against the participants in the return marches and the lifting of the siege on the Gaza Strip during the period from (30 March 2018 to 28 March 2020).

According to Al-Mizan Center for Human Rights documentation, the number of victims of Israeli violations who participated in the return marches since its launch on 3/30/2018, and until the issuance of this report, reached (217) martyrs, including (48) children, two women, and (9) with Disability, (4) paramedics, and two journalists. (19237) were injured, including (4974) children, and (867) women. Of the injured (9517), they were shot with live bullets, including (2127) children and (191). A woman, while the number of times targeting medical crews reached (283) times, resulting in the injury of (225) paramedics, (44) of them were repeatedly injured, while the number of times targeting medical crews was (249) times, resulting in an injury (173) Journalist, I repeat 43 women were infected more than once.

Al-Mezan Center called for providing protection for Palestinian civilians in the occupied Palestinian territories, in light of the continued Israeli violations of human rights and the rules of international law almost daily, and work to lift the illegal and immoral blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip, and ensure the passage of individuals and goods, as well as activating the tools of accountability and accountability Internationalism and work to end the occupation and enable the Palestinians to enjoy their rights, including their basic right to self-determination.

(Source: Palestine News Network)


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