Hadmi: Israel is waging a war on Palestinian presence in J’lem

Minister of Jerusalem affairs Fadi al-Hadmi has accused Israel of waging a war on the Palestinian presence in Occupied Jerusalem, especially through carrying out mass home demolitions in Sur Baher, Silwan, Qalandiya and different neighborhoods.

Hadmi made his remarks during his participation in a symposium held recently at the Royal Cultural Center in the Jordanian capital Amman. The event took place under the theme “The cultural and social structure in Jerusalem.”

He warned that Israel’s Judaization practices, such as imposing hefty taxes on the Jerusalemites, refusing to grant them building permits, and enacting unfair racist laws on living in the holy city, are aimed at forcing the indigenous population to leave the city.

The minister highlighted the importance of the Jordanian custodianship of the holy sites in the holy city as “a safety valve” against Israel’s practices.

_The Palestinian Information Center.

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