Germany prevents Palestinian writer from entering the country over Palestine support

Berlin (QNN)- The German authorities decided to prevent the Palestinian writer Khaled Barakat from entering the country for four years, in compliance to pressure from the zionist lobby.
Barakat has been denied a renewal of his residency and forced to leave the country six months ago.
The German police had arrested Barakat in June 2019 while he was in Germany to participate in a seminal about Trump’s Middle East plan. He was given one month to leave the country.

The German police claimed in a 24-page statement that Barakat “constitutes a security risk” because of “his beliefs and continuous talking about liberating Palestine from the river to the sea” and “working on a strategy to liberate Palestine” in addition to “insisting that ‘Israel’ has no right to exist”, which German authorities deem to be anti-semitic.
The German authorities also claimed that its decision was taken because of Barakat’s influence on the beliefs of Arabs in the country, which confirms that the decision is political and it has nothing do with security or legal aspects.

Barakan was prosecuted before by the German authorities over his support for the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions Movement (BDS).
The German Parliament had ruled that BDS is anti-semitic, a motion which was seen by human rights activists as a violation of freedom of speech.



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