Israeli right wing seeks to build 113,000 settler homes in W. Bank Israeli settlement

Party leaders from the right-wing alliance, Yamina, on Wednesday announced a plan to construct 113,000 housing units in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, according to different Hebrew media outlets.

According to Yamina, the plan – which would see the settler population rise by some half a million – is a solution to Israel’s housing crisis, which has seen rising house prices.

“The Tel Aviv metropolitan area is almost as crowded as Gaza and as expensive as New York,” Yamina chief and former justice minister Ayelet Shaked claimed at a press conference held to launch the plan in Etz Efraim settlement.

“The different magic tricks we have seen in recent years have not worked. The solution is simple: to lower prices you must increase supply,” she said.

Yamina wants to construct these settler homes over a period of five years, which will link Ariel – deep in the northern occupied West Bank – with Rosh Ha’ayin inside the Green Line.

Its plan is aimed at increasing the number of Jewish settlers living in the West Bank by half a million people, which will bring their total number to about one million.

The right-wing alliance claims the Israeli population will reach 10 million by the year 2024, so it wants one million of those people to live in the West Bank.


_The Palestinian Information Center.

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