Palestinian Newlyweds Separated Due To Travel Ban

Israel is preventing a Palestinian woman from returning to Turkey after travelling to Palestine with her fiancé to get married.

Israeli authorities on Monday rejected Mecdulin Hassune’s visa application, preventing her from returning to Istanbul, where she lives and works, with her new husband Palestinian Muhammed Hayri, who was granted a visa.

Both are employees of the Arabic branch of Turkish Radio and Television (TRT).

“We will meet soon no matter what,” Hayri said, waiting for his wife in Istanbul.

Hayri described Israel’s move as “unethical and unlawful”.

Hassune said what they have gone through is “the ugly face of Israel that restricts freedom of travel and speech and makes life unbearable for Palestinians”.

She stressed that she is not the only person to have been victimized.

“The Palestinian people are experiencing serious grievances because of Israel’s travel ban,” she said.

Israel’s act of curbing free speech, restricting freedom of travel and banning freedom of movement has invited condemnation from Sweden, Ireland and Denmark as well as international rights organizations such as Amnesty International.

( Source: Days of Palestine)

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