“Israel” threatens to a new aggression on Gaza!

New offensive on Gaza is inevitable, but Israel is weighing the appropriate time,’ Israeli Cabinet Minister Yoav Galant said.

Several Israeli officials have called for pounding besieged Gaza Strip with strong military attack; return to assassination of Palestinian leaders.

“A government led by me will not bear a threat against the residents in the south and will not accept undermining Israel’s sovereignty,” Leader of Israel’s Blue and White Party Benny Gantz wrote on Twitter.

Gantz added: “We will return deterrence with any cost, even if we are obliged to kill those who lead the escalations.”

He also said that he would back any policy which adopts a strict and responsible response aiming to bring lasting calm for the residents in the south of Israel. “This is our commitment for them.”

According to at least one member of the Israeli cabinet, a new offensive on Gaza is inevitable. “But Israel is weighing the appropriate time,” said Yoav Galant.

Gantz, who was the Israeli chief of staff during the Israeli attack on Gaza in 2014, said at the beginning of his electoral campaign that he was pound to return the besieged enclave to the stone age.

(Source: Palestinian Post 24)


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