“Israel” shot a Palestinian worker while he was trying to cross into the separation fence’s gate

A Palestinian workman on Wednesday morning suffered bullet injuries when Israeli soldiers opened fire at him as he was trying to cross into Israel through the separation fence’s gate in Dhaher al-Abed village near Ya’bad town in Jenin.

Local sources told the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) that soldiers opened fire at a young worker in his 20s as he was trying to infiltrate into Israel from Dhaher al-Abed village.

They added that the young man suffered injuries in one of his feet and was subdued and taken by soldiers to the nearby checkpoint of Barta’a.

Many Palestinian workmen suffered injuries in recent weeks as they were trying to cross into Israel through gates in the separation wall or fence in the West Bank after they failed to obtain work permits from the Israeli occupation authority.

Source: PIC.


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