“Israel” continues to demolish Palestinian houses

Israeli bulldozers at dawn Friday demolished a Palestinian home under construction in Taibeh City in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1948 for allegedly being unlicensed.

Mahmoud Masarweh, the owner of the house, said, “The demolition order was issued about two years ago, and we tried repeatedly to freeze it in the court.”

“This is a brutal policy. The house was built on a land of my own property,” Masraweh said, adding that the reasons for demolishing his home are clearly political.

Masarweh said, “We were surprised to find Israeli bulldozers and military vehicles in the area at dawn today. We were not expecting that.”

Taibeh’s municipality condemned the demolition of Masarweh’s house although a preliminary plan for the area with the new house had been submitted to Israeli authorities.

The municipality stressed that the demolition of Masarweh’s home is part of the discrimination policy pursued against the Palestinian people in the territories occupied since 1948.

Source: PIC.


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