Israeli Occupation Forces Notify Palestinian Citizen To Demolish His House Within 96 Hours

Occupied West Bank (The Inside Palestine)- Israeli occupation forces notified today, Friday, a Palestinian citizen of Umm al-Rihan village, to the west of Jenin city in the north of the occupied West Bank, of their intention to demolish his own house within 96 hours, according to local sources.

Majdi Zaid, the mayor of the village, said that the Israeli occupation army notified Mr. Jihad Omar Zaid that they would demolish his house, which is still under construction, within 96 hours under the pretext that the house is lacking an Israeli construction permit.

The village of Umm al-Rihan is located in an area classified as Area C, under full Israeli military and civil control.

Israeli occupation authorities’ destruction of Palestinian-owned structures in Area C of the West Bank on grounds of lack of building permits is preceded by the issuance of demolition orders.

According to the UN-OCHA, together with other policies and practices, the threat of destruction of homes and sources of livelihood for Palestinians in Area C represented by these demolition orders, contributes to the generation of a coercive environment pressuring people to leave their areas of residence.

Source: Days Of Palestine


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