Lawyer reveals new details about Muhammad Al Aridah

"I was wandering across Palestine and I was looking for my freedom and to meet my mother", the lawyer cited Muhammad as telling Israeli interrogators.

Occupied Palestine (The Inside Palestine)- After his first visitation to Gilboa prison breakers, the lawyer of the Commission for Detainees and Former Detainees Khaled Mahajneh in the early hours of Wednesday revealed that Muhammad Al Aridah was severely tortured after he was rearrested.

Mahajneh said that Muhammad narrated details that made him cry.

According to Mahajneh, Muhammad Al Arida and Zakariyya Al Zubeidi were found by coincidence when an Israeli soldier searched in a truck in a routine checkup.

Mahajneh added that Muhammad Al Aridah was harshly tortured. He was severely beaten and the Israelis banged his head against the ground. He has not received any treatment so far.

“Muhammad has been undergoing severe torture. Since he was rearrested, he slept for only 10 hours and only yesterday he got some food to eat”, Mahajneh said.

Mahajneh said that one of the Israeli interrogators threatened Muhammad telling him that he doesn’t deserve to live and that he only deserves a bullet in his head.

He added that Muhammad and Zakaruyyah could not find water during their escape, which made them exhausted and easy to be caught.

He also said that Muhammad is committed to his right to silence despite the torture. “I was wandering across Palestine and I was looking for my freedom and to meet my mother”, Muhammad told the interrogators.

Mahajneh also said that Muhammad is extremely happy that he ate prickly pear for the first time in 22 years while he was free.

Source: QNN


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