Specialists: Palestinian people in besieged Gaza suffer from critical humanitarian crises

Gaza (The Inside Palestine)- Palestinians living in Gaza are suffering from critical humanitarian crises, speakers at the International Commission for the Support of the Rights of the Palestinian People (HASHD) said yesterday.

Both of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Ramallah and the Administrative Committee in Gaza should find quick solutions for these crises which include economic, services, freedoms, rights and political issues, they added.

Head of HASHD, Dr Salah Abdul Ati, said that the “tragic” situation in Gaza has “destructive repercussions” on its future.

The ongoing situation became difficult due to the Israeli siege, massive destruction of infrastructure caused by the repeated Israeli offensives, the high rates of unemployment and poverty, the sanctions imposed by the PA and the consequences of COVID-19.

Abdul Ati said that the electricity shortages, lack of water and retreat of healthcare services resulted in the increase of unemployment rates and social violence, forcing Gazans to face “dangerous challenges.”

Economic analyst Sameer Mudallallah, said: “Gaza has been under a strict Israeli siege for more than 14 years. The Palestinians suffer from internal division, continuous Israeli siege and consequences of COVID-19.”

“All of these issues led to the deterioration of the economic situation and pushed the Strip to the edge of collapse.”

For his part, the General Director of the Ministry of Health, Dr Medhat Abbas, said that the ministry suffers from severe shortages of medicine, medical equipment and other vital products as a result of the strict Israeli siege.

“This has negative impacts on Palestinian patients in Gaza, mainly those who suffer from cancer and chronic diseases,” Abbas said.

He also stated that the patients, who need medical care abroad, are prevented from accessing it by Israeli occupation authorities.

Source: Middle East Monitor

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