Injuries in Israeli shooting at protesters in Gaza

Gaza (The Inside Palestine)- QNN correspondent said that 24 protesters got wounded today during the Israeli violent repression of a massive protest on Gaza’s eastern borders with the 1948-occupied territories.

Local sources said Israeli forces shot at the protesters leaving 24 injuries.

Israeli soldiers, stationed inside military towers on the borders of Gaza, opened fire at and threw tear gas bombs at thousands of protesters near the separation fence in eastern Gaza. 24 protesters, including one journalist and ten children, were wounded with rubber-coated metal bullets and tear gas bombs.

The manager of the Shifa medical center, Muhammad Abu Salmiyyeh, said that two serious injuries arrived in the hospital.

Hamas spokesperson said that the protest on the borders was aimed at sending a message to the Israelis that “we will never accept the continuation of the siege and the attacks on Al Aqsa mosque.”

He also warned that the battle is still open and that “Jerusalem’s sword will not be sheathed”.

Source: QNN


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