Democratic Front appreciate refusal of Lebanese judo to fight Israeli opponent

Occupied Palestine (The Inside Palestine)_ The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine appreciated the refusal of the Lebanese judo player Abdullah Manyato to fight an Israeli opponent in the Olympics.

“The Israeli occupation tries to beautify its incriminating photo in front of the international community,” the Democratic Front said to Safa.

It reported that the wave of boycotting Israel on the sports level took an international stamp, especially after the withdrawal of several Arab players from the Tokyo Olympics, which embarrassed the Israeli occupation government and dropped deals of normalization of relations with some Arab nations.

It confirmed that the normalization of relations between Israel and the Arab nations is a betrayal for the martyrs and the resistant people as well as a stab in the back of the Palestinians who suffer from colonialism, apartheid, and oppression by the Israeli occupation.

It called on all BDS movements to put a comprehensive plan to work together and resist all shapes of normalization of relations, and called on the youths to boycott Israel on the sports and cultural level.

Source: Safa


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