Palestinian detainee Eyad Heribat’s health situation starts to recover in Israeli jails

Occupied Palestine (The Inside Palestine)- The Detainees and Ex-detainees Affairs Commission confirmed that the health situation of the prisoner Eyad Hreibat, 39, continues to improve, noting that he is still in Soroko Medical Center.

The lawyer of the Commission said following his visit to Hreibat that his health condition is getting better gradually yet he is still in a critical situation as he cannot stand on his feet.

He noted that the prisoner Hreibat, from southern Hebron, does not remember anything happened with him at Remon prison a month ago when he was suffering from acute prostate infection, which resulted in tranfering him into the hospital where a tube was installed to help him get the urine out of his body.

When Hreibat returned to the prison, the tube exploded and resulted in lacerations to the bladder and prostate. Hence, he was transfered to the hosptial again and went through a critical surgery, according to the lawyer.

When he went out the first surgery, he needed an intensive care, but the prisons’ adminstrations returned him to the prison, which led to a risky deterioration in his health situation.

The Israeli army arrested Hreibat on 21 Sep 2002 and sentenced him to life imporisonment.

In 2014, he was injected with a contaminated needle which led to bacterial outbreak in his body. In 2017, he was exposed to poisonous gas spray by the occupation forces which resulted in burns in his body.

Source : Safa


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