13 Jerusalemite families threatened with displacement during coming hours in Al-Bustan neighborhood

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (The Inside Palestine)-The deadline set by the Israeli occupation authorities ends Sunday for 13 families who received orders to self-demolish their homes in the Bustan neighborhood of Silwan town in Occupied Jerusalem within 21 days, applying the Israeli Kaminitz law.

Earlier this month, the Israeli municipality in Jerusalem handed over notifications of renewal of house demolition notices belonging to 13 Jerusalemite families. The Israeli municipality threatened to demolish the houses after the deadline and to fine their owners the demolition costs.

These homes are among the 100 homes that the Israeli occupation courts had issued demolition orders against without specifying a date for implementation.

This is part of the policy of ethnic cleansing and liquidation of the Arab presence in neighborhoods near Al-Aqsa Mosque which aims to change the demographic structure and increase the number of settlers in Jerusalem.

The area of Silwan town’s land is 5,640 dunums, including 12 neighborhoods in which almost 58,500 Jerusalemites live. On the other hand, there are 78 settlement outposts in which 2,800 Jewish settlers live.

On October 25, 2017, the Kaminitz Law was issued imposing severe penalties on Jerusalemites, for alleged building violations, such as paying high fines that may amount to hundreds of thousands or millions of shekels, stopping the use of the building or closing it, asking residents to evacuate their homes or shops, or issuing a demolition orders against them.

Source:  The Palestinian Information Center


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