Gaza ‘engineers’ its way to overcome the siege


Gaza (The Inside Palestine)- Palestinians in Gaza are showcasing innovative creations which will help improve their lives under siege and overcome the limitation of the closures imposed on them by the occupation.

An exhibition opened by Shuaa Foundation in Gaza City yesterday aims to provide solutions which overcome the lack of certain materials which the Israeli occupation forbids from entering the Strip.

On display, a remote control operated robot which can be used to approach the remains of explosives and suspicious objects and help extinguish fires.

Electric powered car batteries were also on display as part of the work on lithium-ion batteries

Nano-Grinding displayed how it can pulverise any materials, while another group showcased how they can extract oxygen from the air, a vital survival need during the coronavirus pandemic. The system uses electrolysis of water to extract hydrogen, leaving the oxygen in the water behind. Another group exhibited how they convert plastic into energy.

Agricultural machinery was also displayed, including ploughs, waste shredders and fire-extinguishing powder.

It is hoped the technology can help ease the situation in Gaza which has been under Israeli siege for 14 years.

Source: Middle East Monitor


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