Israeli occupation provides detainee suffers from blindness with expired drug

Occupied Palestine (The Inside Palestine)- The Committee for Detainees and former Detainees said that the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) gave an expired drug to Muhammad Barrash.

Two weeks ago, the watchdog found out that the IPS has been giving the blind detainee an expired cholesterol drug. Barrash told the prison administration but it ignored his complaint.

The committee said in a report that Barrash is among the detainees with very difficult medical conditions. It added that making him have an expired drug for several months would worsen his health.

Barrash’s left leg has been amputated and he also suffers from blindness and heart palpitations, in addition to severe ulcerations in his ear. The ulcerations are causing him to lose hearing.

The report added that Barrash urgently needs a surgery in his ears. His prosthetic limb also needs fixing. However, the IPS continues to ignore Barrash’s needs.

The watchdog also expressed its concern over Israel’s continuous medical crimes against Palestinian detainees.

It added that the IPS deliberately targets them through systematic medical negligence.

Muhammad Barrash (44 years old) is from Al Am’ari refugee camp. Israeli authorities arrested him in 2003 and sentenced him to Life imprisonment three times.

Source: QNN


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