Red Crescent crews dealt with 20 injuries during Israeli attack on Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood

Occupied Jerusalem (The Inside Palestine)- The Red Crescent said that its crews have dealt with 20 injuries during an Israeli attack on the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

According to a brief statement by the Red Crescent, the injuries including 16 with pepper spray. They also include two with rubber-coated metal bullets and two others with beating.

An elderly man is among the injuries, as Israeli forces and settlers attacked him wounding his head.

Israeli forces and settlers have attacked the neighborhood this night. Dozens of settlers threw stones at houses, while Israeli forces sprayed ambulances with skunk water.

Video footage shows settlers starting fires across the neighborhood.

Muhammad Al Kurd, an activist from the neighborhood, said that Israeli forces gassed inside the Qasem family living room, while settlers threw Molotovs at other homes.

Source: QNN

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