Israeli occupation forces arrest 11 Palestinians in Deir Al Asad in 1948-occupied Galilee

Deir Al Asad (The Inside Palestine)- The Israeli police on Sunday arrested 11 Palestinians from Deir Al Asad in 1948-occupied Galilee.

The police claimed that the arrest campaign came following tension that prevailed in the town. A police report claimed that citizens “assaulted cops and burnt two vehicles, which had arrived in the town to check on a shooting during a wedding party”.

In the sesame vein, local sources said Israeli border guards cracked down on a wedding party, sparking confrontations. The Israelis attacked the guests and opened fire in the air, seriously wounding one guest.

After the crackdown, confrontations erupted between locals and Israeli forces. Israeli cops attacked locals and forced them to leave.

The Israeli attack left one injury of a young man in his thirties. On the others side, the cops left with two injuries.



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