Israeli occupation forces kidnaped dozens of Palestinian citizens in the West Bank and Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Monday kidnaped dozens of Palestinian citizens in the West Bank and Jerusalem.
Apart from the police arrests that took place in Jerusalem, a statement by the Israeli army said its forces arrested 29 Palestinians in the West Bank.
Among the detainees was the mother of prisoner Yazan Maghames, who was taken prisoner by Israeli soldiers at dawn from her home in Birzeit town, northwest of Ramallah.
Her son Yazan, a student at Birzeit University, was kidnaped by the IOF a few days ago.
The IOF also kidnaped Basel Filayyan, a Birzeit University student, from his home in Burham town in northern Ramallah. He was released recently by Palestinian Authority security forces after he was detained for two weeks.
Iteraf al-Rimawi, head of Bisan Center for Research and Development, was also among the detainees who were kidnaped from their homes in the IOF campaigns in the West Bank.
In Jerusalem, the Israeli police forces reportedly kidnaped 22 Palestinians during dawn raids on homes in Issawiya district.
The police forces in Jerusalem also kidnaped two others from Silwan town, one from Beit Anan and another from Abu Dis town.
The IOF also summoned for interrogation the parents of prisoner Mays Abu Ghoush, residents of Qalandiya refugee camp in northern Jerusalem.
( Source: The Palestinian Information Center )

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