Supreme Court of Israeli occupation delays issuing the decision regarding the 4 Jerusalemite families threatened by eviction

Occupied Jerusalem (The Inside Palestine)- Supreme Court of Israel delayed issuing the decision regarding the 4 Jerusalemite families threatened by eviction in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem until next Thursday.

“The court delayed deciding for the 4 Jerusalemite families and gave them some time to reach an agreement,” Saleh Diab, a Jerusalemite activist and one of the home-owners under threat of eviction.

“We don’t count on Israel’s courts which are an integral part of the racist Israeli judiciary,” Diab added.

He confirmed the Jerusalemite families’ attachment to their lands as they did not recognize any rights for the settlers in the lands.

The statutory period the Israeli court gave to the families of Alkurd, Alqassim, Aljuwani, and Eskafi to evacuate their homes for the settlers, who claimed that they own the lands in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, expired today.

The evacuation decision of the 4 families was released in September 2020, and another decision released to evacuate 3 more families was released at the end of the month.

The families appealed to the Supreme Court of Israel which rejected the appeal and decided in February 2021 to evacuate the first group on May 2, 2021, and the second group on August 1. 2021.

500 Jerusalemites living in 28 homes in the neighborhood are under threat of eviction.

Settlers claimed that they owned the lands used to build Palestinian homes before 1948, which is a statement refuted by the citizens.

Activists and Palestinian individuals from Jerusalem and occupied territories started on Saturday to gather in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood to cancel the decision released to evacuate the 4 families.

Dozens of protestors participated in a stand in solidarity with the families of Sheikh Jarrah.

The Israeli settlers suppressed the protestors and beat them.

Source: Safa


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