The Lebanese government has, once again, taken another arbitrary decision against the Palestinian refugees. This time, Palestinians refugees who carry a Jordanian passport won’t be allowed to enter the country.

“The decision affects 700,000 Palestinian refugees who live in Jordan and don’t have a national number,” said Ziad al-Aloul, spokesman for the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad. “In addition, it affects Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank who carry passports without a national number,” he added.

Al-Aloul said in an interview with SAFA Agency that on the last few days, the Lebanese authorities returned from Rafic Hariri International Airport in the Lebanese capital Beirut a number of Palestinian passengers who carry the Jordanian passport and stamp the green card that entitles them to enter the occupied Palestinian territories and the territories of the PNA.

Al-Aloul pointed out that the decision includs any Palestinian who has an entry or residency visa in Lebanon, such as students.

Palestinian sources said that they would present the matter to the Director General of the Lebanese General Security, General Abbas Ibrahim, to find a mechanism that allows Palestinian holders of Jordanian passports without a national number and with the green card seal to enter Lebanon.

This decision comes amid Palestinian refugees-led demonstrations in Lebanon rejecting a previous decision taken by the Lebanese Minister of Labor to equalize Palestinian workers living in Lebanon with expatriate foreign workers.

(Sourcr: Quds News Network)

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