The Israeli occupation puts prisoner’s life in danger

Ramallah (The Inside Palestine)- The family of the prisoner Ahmad Khaseeb told QNN that the Israeli authorities have denied their son blood transfusion, putting his life in danger.

Ahmad’s father, Tayseer Khaseeb, said that since the arrest of his son, the Israeli authorities have been medically neglecting him, as well as other patient prisoners.

“He was supposed to have a blood transfusion a few hours after he was arrested, as he has to get 21 doses on a daily basis, however, the occupation state continues to stall, which negatively affects his body vital organs and may lead to insufficiency.”

Khaseeb called on human rights organizations to provide blood doses for his son and help release him.

The Israeli army arrested Ahamad (25 years old) last March from his house under administrative detention. He had already spent 28 months in Israeli jails.

Source: QNN


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