Israeli court approves demolishing Khirbet al-Mateh in the northern Jordan Valley

Jordan Valley(The inside Palestine)- The Israeli Supreme Court approved on Tuesday the decision to demolish Khirbet al-Mateh in the northern Jordan Valley.

Moataz Basharat, the official in the Jordan Valley file in Tubas, stated in press statements that the Israeli Supreme Court rejected a petition submitted by the Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission on Monday to stop the demolition notices that were delivered about a month ago to 26 Palestinian families from the Khirbet.

In a separate development, Jewish settlers of the Kharsina settlement bulldozed agricultural land in the Baqaa area, east of al-Khalil.

The owner of the land, Aref Jaber, said in a press statement that the settlers are trying to seize his 25 dunums of land by force, through plowing and expanding on it.

Settlers tried to expel Jaber from his land and run over him. This is the fifteenth time that the settlers are trying to seize his land.

He added that activists from the gathering of human rights defenders and popular resistance activists came to support him and expelled the settlers.

Jaber appealed to the Palestinian competent authorities to support him and protect his land from the settlers.

Source: PIC


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