Horde of Jewish settlers storm the historic Khan-Lubban caravansary under military protection

Nablus (The Inside Palestine)- A horde of Jewish settlers on Friday stormed the historic Khan al-Lubban caravansary in al-Lubban ash-Sharqiya village, south of Nablus, under military protection.

According to WAFA news agency, a number of local residents performed the Friday prayer near the caravansary and stood in the face of the soldiers who escorted the settlers while chanting religious slogans in protest at their presence in the area.

The settlers stayed in the area for a while taking photos and performing Jewish hymns.

Owner of the caravansary Khaled Daraghmeh says his property has been exposed to frequent attacks and acts of vandalism by settlers and soldiers with the aim of seizing the place and annexing it to nearby illegal settlements.

Khan al-Lubban dates back to the Ottoman era and stretches over an area of 300 dunums of land.

Source: The Palestinian Information Center


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