Palestinian Prisoners Launch Hunger Strike in Israeli Jails

The number of hunger strikers inside Israeli jails has reached 39, after ten prisoners joined the hunger strike in Rimon Prison, the Prisoners Information Office reported on Friday.

In a statement, the office confirmed that head of Hamas’s High Prisoners Committee Mohammed Arman, his deputy Othman Bilal and senior leaders Abbas Al-Sayyid, Ashraf Al-Zagheer, Mu’amar Al-Sheikh and Ahmed Al-Qidra, joined the strike.

On Thursday, prisoners inside Israeli jails revealed that they were planning to embark on new measures.
They confirmed that 120 more prisoners were to join the open-ended hunger strike, if the Israeli Prison Service did not meet their demands.

Palestinians hunger-strikers in Israeli jails – Cartoon [CarlosLatuff]
The demands of the prisoners, the information office explained, include the use of the public telephone to be activated for five days every week, removing the cancerous jamming devices placed in some prisons and returning 23 prisoners, who were arbitrarily transferred to Nafha Prison, to Rimon Prison and to stop inspection campaigns.

It is worth noting that an agreement was reached between the prisoners and the Israeli Prison Service in April, which met most of their demands, primarily the removal of the jamming devices and activation of public telephones. However, Israel did not respect its pledges.

Source: Middle East Monitor.

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