Israeli courts impose fines of 350,000 on Palestinian children

Palestine Center for Prisoners studies stated, today, that Israeli courts imposed fines of 350,000 NIS on children in Ofer prison during 2020.

Most of the children arrested and presented to courts are being fined, according to Riyad Al-Ashqar, head of the center.

Al-Ashqar clarified that these fines are a financial burden on the families of the chidren, and an absuive punishment against them.

He also said that the military justice of Israel plays a effective role in serving its security orientations and providing legal protection to the Israeli policies violating the international law,  through moot courts which provide a legal framework for brutal and retaliatory sentences against the Palestinians.

“Imposing those costly fines over the children prisoners is a clear robbery and an approved policy that aims to loot the prisoners’ families in order to extract them and overload them so they cannot resist the Israeli forces any more,” he added.

He mentioned that the Israeli authorities impose fines for the slightest reasons; for throwing stones or for being near the military checkpoints and settlements.

He also calls the human rights institutions working on the rights of children to end the arrest of children and extorting money from their families.

Source : Safa


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