Pakistan could be next to fail Palestine & normalize ties with ‘Israel’

Pakistani officials may have met with Israelis officials amid rumors that Pakistan could be the next country to normalize ties with Israel.

Among those who have spoken out about this is Noor Dahri the founder of the British think tank Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism.

“Soon, I am going to disclose a recent secret but successful meeting between the Pakistani politician and Israeli politicians in Tel Aviv,” wrote Dahri on Twitter.

Moreover, Dahri provided more details of the visit in an interview with i24 News, in which he said that Pakistan is facing pressure from Arab countries to leave the Turkish bloc and normalize ties with Israel.

In a telephone interview with The Jerusalem Post, Dahri said, “Pakistan has been publicly hostile to Israel over the Palestinian issue, but there is a long history of covert ties between the two countries.”

He added, “Openly Pakistan is telling its people we are not going forward without the establishment of a Palestinian state. But it is a hard position to hold onto in light of the Abraham Accords and the possibility of normalized deal with Saudi Arabia.

“Now is the time, because Arab countries want Pakistan to openly establish ties with Israel,” he continued.

It’s worth mentioning that Pakistan has in the past rejected normalization deals with Israel.

Source: QNN


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