During Israeli aggression on Gaza, 1200 housing units shelled need reconstruction

Gaza (The Inside Palestine)- The Ministry of Public Works and Housing said Sunday that 1200 housing units that were demolished during the Israeli war on Gaza in 2014 need reconstruction, at a cost of $50 million.

The Deputy Minister of Public Works and Housing, Naji Sarhan, said in a radio interview that 90% of what the Israelis demolished has been reconstructed. That includes 11,000 housing units and 1000 other housing units that needed reconstruction before the Israeli aggression.

Sarhan added that the cost of partial damage is estimated at $300 million, $200 million of which are available while there are $100 million that is needed, noting that the ministry is having a hard time due to the suspension of funds by donor countries.

During the fifty days of the aggression on Gaza in 2014, ‘Israel’ bombed and shelled the Gaza Strip, causing massive damage to civilian infrastructure and homes. About 18,000 residential units were either completely destroyed or heavily damaged, leaving more than 100,000 Palestinians – some 17,000 families – homeless, according to B’Tselem. According to the Israeli army’s own figures, as reported in Israeli media, the scale of shelling during the aggression was unprecedented: 35,000 artillery shells of different types and 14,500 tank shells, not including air raids.

Source: Quds News Network


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