Morocco: “There can be no peace without giving Palestinians their rights.”

Moroccan Prime Minister Saadeddine Othmani told the UN General Assembly on Saturday that there can be no peace without giving Palestinians their rights.

“There can be no just or lasting peace unless the Palestinian people can exercise their legitimate right to establish an independent and viable state with Jerusalem as its capital,” explained Othmani. “We categorically reject all of the unilateral measures taken by the Israeli authorities in the occupied Palestinian territories, whether in the West Bank or in Jerusalem. Such measures only fuel tension and instability in the region.”

The prime minister also said that failure to settle the Palestinian question and to resume the Middle East peace process is a source of “grave concern” to Morocco.

He reiterated that King Mohammed VI has always called for Jerusalem to be protected as the common heritage of the whole of humanity and a symbol for mutual respect, dialogue and peaceful coexistence between the three Abrahamic religions.

(Source: MEMO)


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