Following Israeli incitement… International campaign in solidarity with Nerdeen Kiswani

New York (QNN)- Several international human rights NGOs declared solidarity with the Palestinian activist Nerdeen Kiswani, who has been threatened by the Zionist lobby to be expelled from CUNY Law School, where she currently studies.

Nerdeen has been targeted by a Zionist smear campaign launched by Michael Rapaport and the Zionist lobby.

Rapaport and the Zionist lobby have circulated a social media protest performance video of Within Our Lifetime’s chairperson Nerdeen Kiswani speaking out against the occupation state and subjected her to a flurry of online attacks, twisting her remarks as antisemitic and threatening to get her expelled from CUNY Law School, where she currently studies.

The protest performance in question features the specific logo of the Israeli military, which is responsible for alleged war crimes against the Palestinian people, according to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

According to Samidoun, “In response to this racist campaign against their student, rather than protect a law student and community leader, the CUNY Law administration chose to make two public posts on their social media profiles, first declaring that “CUNY Law stands against hate and anti-Semitism,” then replacing that with “CUNY Law stands against hate and harassment,” before deleting both of the posts, although leaving another “CUNY Law stands against hate” image up on Facebook.. In both posts, university administration expressed concern for the “pain caused by a social media video,” yet showed no concern at all for their student targeted in a series of vicious social media attacks and threats to “have her expelled” from her university.”

Samidoun slammed the law school administration’s concern “about the feelings of those who were allegedly “hurt” by a protest performance implying that “Israeli Defense Force” sweatshirts and merchandise could be burned, although it is difficult to understand any form of “hurt” caused by a protest against the symbols of an occupying, invading military force.”

Source: QNN


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