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Israel’s attack of Gaza continues for the second week in a row

Monday, 24th August, 2020 (The Inside Palestine)- Pro- Palestine activists, in PDF Team, defend the Palestinian cause on AIPAC’s tweet in which it is playing the role of victim and attacking the Palestinian people, ignoring the crimes and massacres that “Israel” commits against Palestinians.

Intermittent Israeli areal, land and sea attacks on the impoverished and devastated Gaza Strip have continued for the second week in a row under the pretext of retaliation to rocket and incendiary balloon attacks from Gaza into “Israel”.

“Israel” has also tightened the 13-year long blockade on Gaza by banning entry of all sorts of goods, mainly fuel, disrupting daily life.

So, the activists reply in defense of Palestine and expose Israel’s crimes, asking the international community to hold the illegal entity to account.


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