Sada Social Center condemned in a statement on Thursday the policies of the social media websites, saying they do not take into account the particular situation in Palestine and that they continue to restrict the Palestinian content in an egregious and escalating manner.

In its ongoing efforts to protect Palestinian content on the social networking sites, the center documented a number of violations, most of them on Facebook. It said in July alone, Facebook committed 23 violations of the Palestinian content, ranging from the removal of pages and personal accounts, temporary bans and deletion of posts under false pretexts.

For instance, the center said, Facebook removed the following pages: Camps of the Pioneers of Liberation, Palestine 48 News, Palestine Post, Kullna Wladak (We are all your sons), Deffa Press, Marah Rabah al-Hadath. Facebook also blocked other posts by Al-Raie Agency and removed the personal account of journalist Abdul-Raouf Khader.

In the meantime, Facebook temporarily banned or removed the accounts of other journalists, including: Bushra Tawil, Sami Saee, Mohammad Dayeh, Hasan Esleih, Sameh Manasrah, Mahmoud Bassam, and Ali Qaraqie.

During the same period, said Sada Social Center, WhatsApp Messenger blocked phone numbers belonging to Quds News Network 22 times.

Inaugurated in September 2017, Sada Social Center is a volunteer center which advocates for the protection of the Palestinian digital content and monitor anti-Palestinian violations on the social media.

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