American actor tweets article penned by Palestinian writer slamming Western liberals’ hypocrisy on Palestine

New York (The Inside Palestine)- Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo has once again used his platform to show his support for Palestine.

The ‘Avengers’ star posted an article to Twitter on Monday by Palestinian writer Arwa Mahdawi, in which she highlighted Western liberals’ reluctance to confront the Palestinian issue.

“Nothing makes liberals abandon their progressive values, or their courage, like someone mentioning Palestine,” Mahdawi wrote in the article published by The Guardian on Sunday.

Ruffalo’s sharing of the article generated more than 14,000 ‘likes’ and thousands of retweets.

The actor has previously weighed in on the Palestine issue, however has faced fierce pushback from pro-Israel activists over his remarks.

During Israel’s deadly assault on Gaza in May 2021, Ruffalo suggested on Twitter that Israel had engaged in genocide against the Palestinians, however later withdrew the comments after criticism from pro-Israel groups.

In November, he was among a number of artists who spoke out against Israel’s banning of six Palestinian civil society groups.

His latest post comes amid debate about Western double standards in how different world crises are approached, particularly in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Many have highlighted that the Ukraine conflict has elicited an unprecedented response from Western governments, media outlets and public personalities – one not seen during the ongoing crises in Yemen, Syria or Palestine.

The article Ruffalo shared addressed Vogue’s recent censoring of an Instagram post by Palestinian-American supermodel Gigi Hadid, in which the 26-year-old pledged to donate part of her income to support Palestinians and Ukrainians.

Vogue published an article on Hadid’s pledge, however omitted mention of Palestine omitted.

Source: The New Arab

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