Activist says Zionist lobby behind France’s dissolution of pro-Palestine NGOs 

Occupied Palestine (The Inside Palestine)- Palestinian-French activist Hussam Kamal has said that the dissolution of pro-Palestine NGOs in France is likely related to Zionist lobbying, Quds Press reported on Friday.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin announced on Wednesday that Palestine Vaincra and Comité Action Palestine “incite violence and provoke terrorist attacks” and would be dissolved in “accordance with the president of the republic”.

Speaking to Quds Press, Kamal said that the French government produced an indictment that contains more than 30 claims against the NGOs, including: “Anti-Semitism, backing ‘terrorist’ groups, spreading hatred and provoking terrorist attacks.”

Kamal did not rule out that Paris carried out this measure to win the votes of Zionists in the coming presidential elections.

He warned that such a move: “Will directly undermine freedom of expression for all the supporters of the Palestinian cause and might push them to reduce their support in order to avoid the same measure.”

The activist said that Zionists moved against these two NGOs after mobilising support for Sheikh Jarrah last year.

Kamal indicated that the absence of diplomatic representation for Palestinians in France and the absence of joint action are negatively affecting work for the Palestinian cause.

Meanwhile, he shared that the decision to ban the NGOs is appealable, noting that a famous legal firm was hired to take legal measures needed for the appeal.

Kamal added that such measures might take months or years so that the NGOs will remain suppressed until a positive result is achieved.

Source: MEMO

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