Abu Hmeid’s health condition is deteriorating, says watchdog

West Bank (The Inside Palestine)- The health condition of the cancer-stricken Palestinian detainee Nasser Abu Hameed remains critical and requires immediate medical attention, Commission of Detainees’ Affairs said Tuesday.

The commission added that there has been no improvement in the health status of detainee Abu Hameed, pointing out that he uses a wheelchair for movement, as he lost much of his weight.

It indicated that the detainee also cannot breathe enough oxygen on his own and depends on external oxygen cylinders to assist him breathing, noting that he is just given some painkillers without appropriate treatment.

Head of the commission Qadri Abu Baker pointed out that what is provided to the cancer-stricken detainees in Israeli jails does not amount to the critical level of their health conditions.

He noted that the health status of detainee Abu Hameed is a vivid example of the deliberate slow killing policy practiced against the Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails.

Abu Baker indicated that at least 15 cancer-stricken detainees in Israeli jails experience a policy of slow killing as a result of deliberate medical negligence and not receiving the appropriate treatment.

The 40-year-old detainee Abu Hameed, who is a resident of the al-Amari refugee camp, is among four other brothers who have been sentenced by the Israeli occupation for a life-term in prison.

Four of his brothers, identified as Nasr, Nasser, Sharif, and Mohammed were detained by the Israeli occupation authorities in 2002, while the fifth one named Islam was detained in 2018.

According to Palestinian figures, about 4,850 Palestinians, including 34 women and 160 children, are currently languishing in Israeli detention jails.

Source: Alray

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