Israeli Occupation Forces Demolish Homes of Palestinian Prisoners near Jenin

Jenin (The Inside Palestine)- Israeli occupation military demolished homes of two Palestinian prisoners in the occupied West Bank early on Tuesday.

Occupation forces razed the homes of Mohammad Youssef Jaradat and Ghaith Ahmed Yassin Jaradat in the village of Silat al-Harithiya, west of Jenin, Palestinian sources reported.

Occupation military said Israeli forces razed the house of Mohammad Jradat and destroyed a floor of the home in which Ghaith Jradat lived, Israeli media reported.

The Palestinian prisoners are accused of killing a Jewish seminary student and wounding two others last December.

Shortly after occupation forces raided the village of Silat al-Harithiya clashes erupted with Palestinian youths who managed to hinder the advance of IOF soldiers for more than two hours, Palestinian sources reported.

The Jradats are known to be affiliated with Islamic Jihad Palestinian Resistance movement.

Commenting on the Israeli attack, Islamic Jihad Secretary General Ziad Nakhale stressed that the demolitions won’t break the will of Resistance among Palestinian people, vowing to continue the path of Jihad against Israeli enemy.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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