92 violations against Freedom of the Press during last September only by Israeli authorities

Gaza (QNN)- The Palestinian Committee to Protect Journalists revealed that it documented 92 violations against Freedom of the Press during last September only by Israeli authorities, as a part of Israeli campaign to prevent them from performing their work professionally.

The committee said in a statement that serious assaults against Freedom of the Press have been committed by Israeli authorities last September. Over 92 violations were documented, including targeting journalists with metal bullets and poisonous tear gas in addition to prevention from travel and beating and other humiliating assaults. Journalists were reportedly arrested and prevented from covering events. Their houses were raided and equipment were confiscated.

Israeli campaigns to close and block News and journalists accounts and pages have been sharply increased as well.

The statement stated that Israeli forces targeted over 7 journalists last month. Thee journalists were targeted while covering Gaza’s Great Return March protests, while four others were tarted while covering events in occupied West Bank.

The statement revealed that Israeli forces arrested and expelled two female journalists, including academic, poet, and lecturer of Journalism Widad Barghouthi.

Four court session were conducted against female journalists as well. one against Dareen Tatour, two against Widad Barghouthi, and one against Mais Abu Ghoush. Female journalist Majduleen Hassouneh was also prevented from travel and was interrogated for 6 hours.

Israeli forces also broke into the house of Widad Barghouthi, imposed a financial penalty on her, and expelled her from her house and village forcing her to live in C area.

Journalists Widad Barghouthi and Mais Abu Ghoush were reportedly brutally interrogated and humiliated.

Facebook also blocked and closed posts and pages for over 74 journalists and activists.

Source: Quds News Network.

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