25 Palestinian families living in Al-Bel camp face miserable conditions

Syria(The inside Palestine)- 25 Palestinian families living in Al-Bel camp, northwest Syria, suffer face miserable humanitarian, living and economic conditions.

Action Group for Palestinians of Syria said that the camp’s families suffer from a lack of services and the absence of humanitarian aids provided by charitable, relief organizations.

Palestinian families complain about several problems; the far distance between the city’s center and the camp, lack of food provided for the refugee families, absence of electricity, and the non-existence of shops.

Refugee Palestinian families called on UNRWA and international organizations to help them and relieve their sufferings in the camps lacking the necessities.

Al-Bel lies in northern Aleppo Governorate, northwest Syria. It was established in 2019 and contains about 600 tens with the support of the AFAD organization and the Turkish Red Cross.

Source : Safa

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