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‘Israel’ uses LGBT rights to whitewash its crimes against the Palestinians

Palestine, June 10, 2020.( The inside Palestine)- Austrian ambassador to apartheid ‘Israel’ is taking part in Israel’s propaganda which uses support for LGBT rights as a cover for its war crimes against Palestinian people.

It is clear that the state of ‘Israel’ presents itself abroad as a gay refuge, by exploiting tales of terror of oppressed Palestinians, thus increasing Israel’s own sense of self-righteousness.

‘Israel’ only uses gay rights as a means of laundering the country’s tainted image in the Western world.

This in fact will not promote Israel’s liberal image because the horrific crimes it committed against the Palestinians cannot be concealed.

A group of Palestinian activists from “Vpalestine” those who took it upon themselves to expose Israel’s crimes tried to tell her that “Israel”, which claims democracy and liberty, kills, persecutes, and discriminates against the Palestinians on a daily basis.

Source: The inside Palestine.


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