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Palestinians Connect Killing of George Floyd with their Daily Life.

Friday. April, 29, 2020. (The Inside Palestine)- “Get off of his neck.” “Please! Please!” “I can’t breathe.” Police in America have far too many non-lethal ways to reliably kill black men without facing criminal charges. The weaponization of racism does not require a gun or a bullet. In this case, a police officer’s knee was the weapon used to kill George Floyd. The observing officers’ indifference was also a weapon used to kill Floyd, and the Minneapolis police department’s failure to arrest the officers responsible is a weapon threatening to kill the most basic sense of justice.

Hence, Palestinians have taken to online platforms to express support for George Floyd, an African-American man killed at the hands of a white policeman, after it came to light that it was a Palestinian-American shop owner who had initially called the police. Moreover, connecting between what George Floyd has went through and what Palestinian people daily face, Palestinians, represented in PO Team & PDF Team tweet the following texts with the photos.

Others used art to protest the death of Floyd and send messages of solidarity to his family.


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