Palestinian students call for a criminal investigation of the growing militarization of their university campus

Palestinian students released a video on Nakba Day highlighting the growing militarization of their university campus, sparking right-wing calls for a criminal investigation.

A recent video clip about the Nakba and the militarization of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, put together by a left-wing student group, has led to a furious backlash by right-wing groups and politicians who claim the clip incites to violence against soldiers. One Knesset member has called for a criminal investigation, while other actors demanded that the student chapter of the socialist Hadash party, which created and published the video, be shut down.

The video starts out with the message “72 years of the Palestinian Nakba, and the Nakba continues to date,” and presents a timeline of the Nakba. It then makes several claims about the militarization of Hebrew University, including that many soldiers attend the university; that Palestinian students are being removed from campus dorms; and that Israeli snipers are stationed on the roofs of university buildings in order to take shots at protesters in neighboring Issawiya, which has been the site of an extended campaign of police violence.

The video also addresses a controversial army intelligence training program at the university that was launched last year, which grooms undergraduates for an extended stint in the IDF’s intelligence unit, and which has seen a sharp rise in the number of uniformed, armed students attending classes on campus.


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