Israeli occupation forces injure worker in Tulkarm, arrest journalist in Jerusalem

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Sunday shot a Palestinian citizen and arrested another in Tulkarem and Jerusalem.

Eyewitnesses said that the IOF opened fire at a Palestinian workman near a separation wall gate west of Fir’oun village in the West Bank district of Tulkarem.

The workman, whose identity has not been known yet, was injured in the leg and detained by the IOF.

Such incidents are witnessed regularly in Tulkarem as the IOF continues to target Palestinian workmen who use separation wall gates to enter the 1948 occupied territories for work.

Meanwhile, the IOF kidnapped a Palestinian journalist from his home in Beit Hanina town in Jerusalem.

Local sources said that the IOF broke into the house of journalist Anan Najib and wreaked havoc on it before he was arrested.

A father of three, Najib is an ex-detainee who had served several years in Israeli jails.

Source: PIC


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