Israeli settlers take over Palestinian-owned tract of land in al-Khalil city.

AL-KHALIL,(PIC) A horde of Jewish settlers on Tuesday evening took over a Palestinian-owned tract of land in Tel Rumeida area in al-Khalil city and set up a platform to launch fireworks at the pretext of celebrating what they called independence day (the occupation of Palestine).

According to local sources, the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) intensified their presence in the area to provide protection for those settlers.

The IOF also prevented local citizens and activists from approaching the area and threatened to fine them for violating the anti-coronavirus state of emergency if they forced the settlers to leave the land, which belongs to the family of Natsha.

Issa Amr, head of Youth Against Settlement, warned of settlers’ intents to seize this land, which is not far away from the Ibrahimi Mosque, urging local residents to defend the area.

Amr accused the Israeli occupation regime of exploiting the state of emergency over the coronavirus to carry out Judaization and settlement plans, affirming that settlers established three outposts in the West Bank during the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

About two week ago, dozens of settlers stormed the same land and pitched a tent in an attempt to build an outpost, but local citizens intervened and were able to fend them off and remove the tent.


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