Palestinian detainee dies as a result of Israeli medical negligence

Palestine, Wednesday, April 22.( The inside Palestine)- Palestinian detainees experience harsh conditions inside Israeli jails as they are kept in crowded and dirty cells and face a lack of adequate nutrition and poor medical treatment.

Nour Jaber Barghouti, 23, who has been in Israeli jails for four years, died today as a result of Israel’s negligence. He fainted while he was in the bathroom and was deliberately left in serious condition for half an hour before the Israeli prison authorities hospitalized him.

The prison administration took more than half an hour to provide Barghouti with medical assistance. This negligence and lack of responsibility caused the death of the Palestinian detainee.

It should be noted that 223 Palestinian detainees have died in the occupation jails due to medical negligence and mistreatment.

Source: The inside Palestine.


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