Israeli violations against Palestinians’ property.

In the past hours, many violations and attacks against citizens in various locations in the Bethlehem governorate were committed by the occupation soldiers and herds of settlers alike.

Activists stated that the forces of the so-called Israeli Civil Administration sent a warning to Mahmoud Ahmed Abu Hammad, a resident of Wadi Al-Nis village, to the south of Bethlehem, to demolish an agricultural nursery he had stayed in his land.

Abu Hammad said that the dangers are another indication that the occupation forces want to starve the citizens and prevent them from carrying out any projects that help them obtain a decent living, especially in light of the difficult economic situation resulting from the spread of Corona virus.

In another violation, the Israeli occupation forces swept away a land located near the entrance to the settlement of Migdal Oz, south of Bethlehem, owned by the heirs of Mahmoud Abu Ayyash, which resulted in severe damage to crops, and I notified the occupation authorities of demolishing an agricultural brix in the village of Jourat al-Shamaa.

In the village of Artas to the south, another military force detained three citizens of the village who were looking after their land adjacent to the settlement of Efrat built on the lands of the citizens and prevented them from entering after they confiscated the agricultural equipment in their possession.

And an Israeli military force stormed at dawn today the town of Tuqu ‘to the east of Bethlehem and raided the house of the young Musa Muhammad al-Amor, “22 years”, and conducted careful searches and abused his companions before his arrest and transferred him to an unknown destination and he is a prisoner of liberation.

In another provocative exercise, another military force removed the Palestinian flag at the emergency checkpoint located at the entrance to Umm Salamuna village, south of Bethlehem, without stating the reasons.

For his part, a number of herds of settlers stormed the land belonging to Zainab Abu Sneineh at the Khalat Al-Qattan site, south of Bethlehem, and cultivated it on the pretext that it is state land and they have the right to enter and use it.

(Source: Palestine News Network)


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