“Israel” rejects a request to lend Britain any of its life-saving respiratory ventilators

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected a request from the UK last week to allow respiratory ventilators to be exported to the UK despite its mounting death toll from coronavirus, a report by Axios stated.
The request was allegedly made while British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was in hospital being treated for the deadly virus, the report added.
However, due to Netanyahu having signed an emergency decree outlawing any exports of life-saving machines, the sale did not go through.

Along with signing an emergency decree banning the export of equipment, Netanyahu also ordered Mossad, Israel’s espionage agency, to procure a range of supplies, including face masks and mechanical ventilators required to keep some COVID-19 patients alive.
On Tuesday, a Mossad agent admitted stealing face masks and other medical supplies in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, during a television interview with Channel 12’s “Fact”.
“The citizens of Israel will have no shortage,” the agent said. “In the world in general there will be a great shortage. People are dying because of a lack of equipment. In Israel people won’t go without.”

Source: Middle East Monitor.


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