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Palestinian activists refute false Israeli propaganda

Palestine, April 16, 2020.( The inside Palestine)- It is no secret that “Israel” was established on stolen Palestinian land. Between 1947 and 1949, over 400 Palestinian villages were deliberately destroyed, civilians were massacred and around a million men, women, and children were expelled from their homes at gunpoint. Denied for almost six decades, had it happened today it could only have been called “ethnic cleansing”.

The official Twitter account of the embassy of Belgium in “Israel” posted a tweet celebrating the birthday of Tel Aviv.

Some Palestinian activists represented in “VPalestine team” have commented on the tweet clarifying that Tel Aviv was built on ethnically cleansed Palestinian land in 1948.

Here are some of their comments:

It is worth mentioning that the Vpalestine members are some activists on social media who are interested in refuting the Israeli propaganda and confronting the Zionist Khasbara.
The team also aims at shedding light on the Israeli violations, and exposing Israel’s real face to the whole world as well as supporting all defenders of the Palestinian cause.

Source: The Inside Palestine.


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