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Palestinian Activists’ Implications of Normalisation with “Israel”

Palestine,13 April, 2020. (The Inside Palestine). Palestinian activists, who are courageously speaking up for the Palestinian cause, have shown their admiration of Hind Khoudary’s strong attitude toward the normalization with the Israeli occupation. PDF team has also defended Hind on UN Watch’s Facebook post, calling on Amnesty International to fire her immediately.

According to the Times, Hind Khoudary, who is described by the London-based human rights organization as an “Amnesty International Research Consultant” and “worker”, “posted angry denunciations on Facebook of Mr. Aman and others on the call, tagging three Hamas officials to ensure it got their attention.” Then, Hamas arrested him for “betrayal of our people and their sacrifices.”

In essence, there are different types of normalisation. This is why the definition of normalisation does not include every announced meeting aimed at explaining the Palestinian cause and the Arab point of view in international forums because this would prove the Palestinians’ rights and the facts and this is not considered normalisation. However, any meeting aiming at engaging “Israel” in meetings in the region and does not aim to discuss the Palestinian cause becomes a model of normalisation. Normalisation means normalisation with the occupation and with uprooting, and at the same time includes the abandonment of historical rights and the rights of justice.

Many Palestinian activists from “Palestine Defense Forces” team have expressed their solidarity with Hind and their rejection of normalization.

Here are some of their comments:

*Palestine Defence Forces team is a group of Palestinian youth activists, aiming at defending and raising awareness about the Palestinian cause, enhancing its role in the Western world, exposing the Israeli crimes and massacres committed in cold blood against Palestinians, and responding to the lies and persistent allegations against them.


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